Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Basic Function

Have you ever wondered who helps heroes in times of need?  Who responds to first responders?  Who steps in to assist emergency personnel in crisis?
We do!  And if you're a hero to heroes, we need your help.

Do you want to make a difference, help, serve and support?

Do you have the skills that it takes to be part of a well-oiled team maintaining a young and state-of-the art fleet, a fleet that has been recognized multiple times as one of the 100 Best Fleets in the Americas?

Do you feel proud and confident that the emergency vehicle you worked on today could be the one that makes the call at your loved one’s house tomorrow?

If you said yes to these questions and you’re the kind of person who is eager to help others succeed - the kind of person who believes they too can make a difference one customer at a time - we’d like to introduce you to the City of Coppell.  
The City of Coppell Fleet Division is looking for that right person to work alongside us, free to visualize the future and free to make a difference. We are looking for motivated, innovative, and enthusiastic team members to further define Coppell as a Family Community for a Lifetime.

This year has been one of great change and uncertainty, but the City has persevered through it with the desire for growth and recognizing the opportunity for change. Decades of strategic planning and a dedication to financial responsibility have allowed the City of Coppell to maintain continuity of government throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with minimal impact to service or staffing levels. Coppell residents, City Council and City administration fully support staff and understand the importance of having the right people in the right positions, and this support has allowed us to continue to look to the future to find innovative ways to serve residents.

The City of Coppell invites you to be a part of this movement in redefining the face of local government and what it means to serve the people in the house. Join a team where innovation and creativity are not only encouraged, but the ideal. Customer service and dedication to making things better are core to our beliefs. We are here to do the best we can at what we do, guided by our Three Anchors:
  • Acting with a Servants Heart
  • Making it Better
  • Exceeding Expectations
Everything thing we do, we do in the service of others. We do it by being open and welcoming to those who need our help.

The ideal candidate for the Emergency Vehicle Technician will perform preventative, routine and emergency services on all City-owned emergency vehicles, including Fire Apparatus, Ambulances, Police Pursuit units as well as other Fleet assets. With the City of Coppell, you will also have the opportunity to be involved in many great projects. Additional opportunities to serve and participate in committees, panels, and training exist at all levels. Teamwork and open communication are the framework of our organization.
 Salary:  $48,651 - $59,592 Depending on Qualifications

Essential Job Functions

  • Perform routine preventative maintenance on the City’s fleet of standard and emergency vehicles and equipment
  • Perform scheduled and unscheduled repairs to the City’s fleet of standard and emergency vehicles and equipment
  • Repair standard and emergency vehicles and equipment conforming to industry, City, State and Federal standards
  • Record pertinent data on repair orders and in the vehicle/equipment database
  • Conduct new vehicle and equipment check-in and make-ready operations
  • Perform other related duties as requested, assigned, or instructed

City of Coppell Core Competencies

Technical Competencies

Knowledge and ability to correctly apply professional/specialized expertise; skillfully manage information; properly use tools, equipment and technology; effectively allocate resources; proactively identify and resolve issues; consistently make sound decisions; correctly execute policy processes and procedures; strictly adhere to/enforce safety polices; consistently produce quality results; proactively plan and organize; consistently provide exceptional customer service.

Human Competencies 

Humble: The noble choice to forgo your status, deploy your resources, or use your influence for the good of others beyond yourself; a willingness to hold power in service of others.

Motivation of Self & Others:  We demonstrate a core desire to serve the Public and the Organization through our commitment, passion, initiative and drive.

Leadership of Self:  We motivate, inspire and influence ourselves to strive towards excellence by being positive, accountable, a team player and influential in goal achievement.

Service -Oriented:   We behave in a friendly and professional manner centering on a desire to address the needs of internal and external customers while respecting their rights and dignity by being people-oriented, helpful, understanding and compassionate.

Trustworthy:  We earn the confidence of others by demonstrating both the character and the competence to fulfill our obligations with both integrity and honesty along with ethical, credible behavior.

Relational:  We establish trust, cooperation, mutual respect and support with an objective to improve relationships by valuing diversity and being diplomatic/tactful, cooperative, empathetic, broadminded, flexible, respectful and compassionate/caring.

Communication:  We exchange information and ideas in a manner which results in mutually supported decisions for the greater good by sharing thoughts & feelings, and through assertiveness, empathic listening, conflict resolution and deliberating/debating.

Emotional Maturity:  We demonstrate the ability to manage and monitor our emotions and to assess the emotional state of others by understanding stress management, balance and consistency.

Development of Self:  We are committed to improving our knowledge, skills, personal qualifications and performance through self-development.

Conceptual Competencies 

Organizational Awareness:  We are aware of the Organization's structure and culture for how we do business by understanding departmental impact on organization, interdepartmental relations and organizational culture

Global Awareness:  We stay informed of issues and trends that may impact the Organization by understanding media/public relations.

Community Awareness:  We have a sense of the community's culture and its impact on service delivery by understanding purpose of service, citizen/stakeholder expectations and branding.

Innovation:  We successfully implement ideas that improve and/or add value to service delivery through creative thinking, continuous improvement and by being quality minded and a change agent.

Critical Thinking:  We actively and skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information to reach a sound answer or conclusion by understanding issue/problem identification, analysis, consequences, and by balancing decision factors.
Visioning:  We understand the future direction of the Organization and understand the efforts and processes needed to achieve it by following the mission/values.


Minimum Requirements


The Emergency Vehicle Technician must have a high-school diploma or GED equivalent, five (5) years of general automotive and/or truck repair experience and possess current, basic certifications.

ASE Certifications
A4           Automotive Suspension & Steering
A5           Automotive Brake Systems
A6           Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems
A7           Automotive HVAC Systems
T4           Med/Heavy Truck Brake Systems
T5           Med/Heavy Truck Suspension & Steering Systems
T6           Medium/Heavy Truck Electrical/Electronic Systems
T7           Medium/Heavy Truck HVAC Systems

EVT Certifications
E1           Ambulance Design & Performance Standards
E2           Ambulance Electrical Systems
E3           Ambulance HVAC Systems
E4           Ambulance Cab, Chassis & Body
F2           Apparatus Design & Performance Standards
F3           Apparatus Fire Pumps and Accessories
F4           Apparatus Electrical Systems
L1            Law Enforcement Equipment Installations

In addition, the applicant must possess an EPA Refrigerant Recycling and Recovery Certification. This employee must be able to maintain good personal hygiene and work habits. Additional desirable qualifications include trade school or college study in a field related to automotive or truck and diesel repair, two (2) years of small engine and one (1) or more years of heavy equipment repair experience.


Application Instructions

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